Friday, October 8, 2010

MY Face Book

It is so fun reconnecting with people I have not seen in many years through FB.  Its funny how seeing one face can bring back so many in point, Judy.  She was one of my closest friends throughout my school days, and I began every school day during high school with a morning walk with her.  I decided that I would begin yet another project, MY FACE BOOK,  bits and pieces of memories with faces of special people from my life.

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Journaling reads:
Like many of us from the LHS Class of 74, Judy and I went through all 12 yrs of school together but she and I grew pretty close during high school.I lived in town and walked to school but I got there early so I could join Judy in our daily walk round and round the school every morning.
One of my favorite memories is the time she and I attended our first basketball tournament.
We were 12 or 13 yrs old & filled with pride in our school!
When we lost the game to our No.1 adversary, the Clarkson Red Hawks, and they threw popcorn
and toliet paper all over, she and I were mortified!
We did not know this hoopla was acceptal celebratory practice by the fans of a winning team.
Nor did we know about the traditional practice of players from the winning team cutting down the nets from the goals and as they did that, we cried like babies in utter shock!
We could not believe they hated us, the mighty Leitchfield Bulldogs, so much that they were trying
to destroy our beautiful gymn. I believe that night rather than wearing Bulldog Blue, she and I were wearing Freshmen Green!

Have fun scrapping your memories!


Meisie said...

What a neat neat neat! idea for a book/album!
Love your LO's and all that journalling! You inspire me Debbie :D

Mrs. Clemons Class said...

Debbie - I've just started reading your blog. What a neat idea! I may have to do a little digital scrapbooking. Looks fun! I was so excited to see Judy's picture. She was my next door neighbor. What's her last name now? I'll look at your friends and try to figure it out. Great to find you here :-) Betty