Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Since I began my new Facebook page, Grannynky's Recipes, Tips& More,  I have been reading all the information out there for make-your-own cleaners, laundry detergents, shampoos, etc.  They are all things I would like to try out but let's be realistic can be really expensive to 'go green'. Case in point...for years I used only Tide laundry products but it kept costing more and more, and finally I just could not rationalize paying that much money just to wash clothes.  I have had to try several less-expensive products before I finally found one that I am satisfied with.  I would really love to make my own laundry detergent but every time, I go to the grocery store and pick up the ingredients to make it, the total cost of the ingredients is more than my usual product.  Now granted, if I make my own, I will end up with more actual laundry detergent but I only have $10.00 to spend, and what if I am not satisfied with the finished product I have made...then I am stuck with all that product that does not clean my clothes as well as I would like, plus I have the added expense of going back to the store and buying what my husband will say I should have bought in the first place.  So for now, I am still using my store-bought laundry detergent but I did give up Tide.  In addition, I have started using some of the natural cleaners made with vinegar but as my husband and I are both heavy smokers (don't need or want comments about how bad that is), for some of the heavy-duty cleaning required in our house, I reach for my usual go-to all purpose cleaner, Purple Power.  A gallon of it only costs seven or eight bucks or so, and it can be mixed with water for lighter duty chores.  Someday, I may be ready to give it up but not today.

A few months ago, I decided I would try the No-Poo method for washing my hair.  For four weeks, I gave up my usual Pantene products and washed my hair with baking soda followed by a rinse of apple cider vinegar.  It worked well but by the fourth week, my thick hair looked and felt like what I called a fuzzy, dry, lion's mane, and like a big cat, I was always scratching my dry scalp.  So I have went back to using my Pantene shampoo, although I have switched to the less expensive Suave brand of conditioner that does not contain as many chemicals in it, and when I run out of the Pantene shampoo, I will change that as well. Therefore, I am making progress in my transition.  Hence, my new goal. Every day, I will make one small towards success.

I have collected numerous recipes and information on make-your-own laundry and cleaning products on my Facebook page, Grannynky's Recipes Tip & More .  I hope you visit it for there is loads of inspiration there.  See ya soon :)

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