Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kimmi's New Releases-June 14

Here is a little sneaky peek at a couple of the products by Kimberly Stewart hitting the SBE store shelves tomorrow. The Royal Muses created Precious Baby Boy Quick Pages and Precious Baby Girl Quick Pages. Here are some of the pages I have created with them.

For the Precious Baby Girl QPs, I used photos which came from a friend who emailed them to me so I could print them out for her daughter's school project. I was not aware of this program in the local school system until then but I think it is such an excellent idea!

As part of their high school curriculum, young teens are assigned a partner and for six weeks they become parents to one of the most annoying babies in the world! These dolls cry and respond just like a new baby. They scream when they're hungry or need a diaper change, and some even get stomach aches or colic, and cry most all night no matter what the parent does.

These dolls are programmed to cry at all hours of the day and night and stop only after getting fed, held, burped or changed. When students return the dolls, teachers can tap into their computerized chips and see how quickly the student responds to the crying. With a high teen pregnancy rate, Butler County School System hopes this program can make a positive difference.

As part of the course, students must provide photos with grandparents and/or family members. This is to ensure that a dialogue is opened up with the teen and his or her family regarding the issue of teen pregnancy. I am sure most all agree that this is The Best Baby for a Teen parent.

This program is designed for both teen boys and girls, and both are assigned responsibility and share the accountability for their new baby. I think every teen should go through such a program! WTG Butler County High!

An adorable Precious Baby Brag Book will also be released tomorrow along with several other goodies by our Kimmi. Don't forget all new releases at SBE will be on sale Sunday and Monday!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot...Kimmi has some really cute freebies on her blog which coordinate with the Precious Baby Kit, including a Quick Page by moi!

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