Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Lorilei Murphy recently gifted me with her pretty vintage 4 Pak of Quick Pages using the Posies Kit from Rosey Posey Studio! Wasn't that sweet of her?!

Included in the kit are vintage feeling elements like a warm basket, watering can, and old cornice, lace, pretty flowers, and unique frames just to mention a few. Also included is an alpha made from old paper and 12 - 12x12 papers @ 300 ppi for high quality printing.

The soft colors of dove grey, raspberry and blush are great for whimsical and heritage layouts!
Below are two "family" pages from me using the lovely quick pages.

My brother had custody of his three girls after his divorce and did an outstanding job with them! He met Mary, who had one son from a previous marriage. They married and shortly thereafter, Danielle gave birth to their first Grandchild.

Above is my family. Well, the way it was in 1980! My parents (Mama is holding my DS #2) and my brothers (Jay was the only one married at that time, and had two daughters) had came up to our home in Louisville to celebrate Michael's 6th Birthday. My ex (wearing the baseball cap) as usual, was more interested in the loud party going on across the street than he was in our own celebration.

As I look at the picture, I remember the day vividly! We did our best to make the day festive even though my husband was going to the neighbors and partying with them, more than he was with us. It was a day, like many my family shared with odd mix of happiness in the sharing of the day with my family, shame in the drunkard ways of my husband but pride in the tolerance of my parents as we bit our tongues and strived to make the day festive for my children. Thankfully, my boys say they don't really remember a whole lot about those days...sometimes, I wish I didn't as well but there were lots of good times we shared in our 23 year marriage and I have always thanked God for my parents and my brothers who were always there for us!

The good times, the bad times, all those special memories...that is what digital scrapbooking is all about it! Run over to the Rosey Posey Studio and check out all that Lorilei has to offer to help you scrap the days of your life! And check out HER BLOG as well where you will find some delightful freebies!

Happy Scrappin'!

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