Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Hate to Iron!

I hope every one enjoyed a wonderful week! As for me, I am glad to start a new one. I don't really know why I say that, its not that last week was so terribly bad...I started to say just insignificant but I can't say that either. It seems like it just went by and I got nothing accomplished but then when I look back, I can't say that... Our yard looks really good. I got closets cleaned out and I cleaned out my kitchen cabinets, and re-organized things. Yesterday, I mopped floors and washed curtains, as well as cleaning all the bed linens. Gary even got the garage and car cleaned this week so our house is pretty much in order! I guess I just miss the kids as I have not seen any of them this month. July is almost over and school will be starting back here in seven days!!! I wish we had the funds to take the kids to one of the theme parks or something. I have not done that in years and all of the grand kids are big enough that they would really enjoy that but there is no since in wishing your life away! What I can do is stop by whining! My family and I are healthy and happy, and for that I am so thankful to the Good Lord!

This week my goals are to get the ironing done! I have a huge basket that should is not going away on its own, lol. Of all the chores around here, that is the only one that I can say "I HATE TO IRON" and I am no good at it either...I guess that is why I hate it, lol. It may be from a complex I formed in my youth or something. As the only girl in the family, Mama used to make me do the family ironing. I can remember being in the basement doing the stupid ironing while I could hear my brothers and the other kids laughing and playing outside. Oh how I hated that!!!!

Back in those EVERY THING had to be ironed! To make matters worse, the school teacher next door spoke to my parents and they worked out this plan that I would do his ironing for him. They just could not understand why I was not delighted in ironing his stupid old pants and shirts..."He will pay you ten cents for every item you iron, Debbie!", my Daddy used to say! The first time I did his ironing, he sent it back for me to redo as it was not good enough and Daddy was really upset about that! Needless to say, I was not employed for very long, and he soon got the girl next door to do it. I would watch her carry over his finished ironing and attempt to count the hangers as she walked across the yard to see how much money she would make, and she was doing well...two or three dollars at a time! I was a little envious over that but I knew ironing was just something I did not really want to become proficient at, lol! Anyway, like-it-or-not, I must get my ironing done this week for there is no girl across the street to do it for me! With August fast approaching, I am trying to get all the July Challenges done at Scrapbook-Elements as there is not much time left!

For the month of July we will be exchanging recipes with Cheese as a main ingredient! We invite you to join with us in the fun! In exchange for submitting your recipe, you will receive the entire month's collection! A great way to collect new recipes and these cards make great gifts! Here is my submission

The GOT CHEESE kit by Kimberly Stewart is filled with cute boy and girl mice along with their favorite thing to eat: cheese! They are just waiting to decorate your layouts and or craft projects!

The theme for July’s Card Exchange is Friendship as August 2nd is Friendship Day. By the time that day rolls around we’ll have plenty of Friendship Cards to share. A template has been included as well should you need it to get started.

For My Card above, I used products by Rina Kroes MEADOW BREEZE STACKED PAPERS and MEADOW BREEZE ELEMENTS. Rina has released several beautiful ADD-ONS which coordinate with MEADOW BREEZE PAGE KIT today in the SBE Store.

The Bookmark Exchange for July is theme-free so I made an adorable one using Kimmi's Newest release HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE and her TOOTY FRUITY ALPHABETS

This delightfully charming HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE set is jam packed with the endearing characters of the nursery rhyme. You must add this to your stash!

For Kiki's Everyday Living Challenge to scrap something about a summer picnic or bbq, I made this...
Following proper protocol for a summer bbq, Michael (My oldest son) enjoys his role as Chief Cook at the family grill while Carolyn (His wife) runs herself ragged as the "bottle washer"

I used one of my very favorite kits by Cathy Krenek for the above page. SUMMER TREATS,
A kit with popsicle-inspired colors, fun summer elements, and general-purpose elements which make this a great choice for your summer photos! So as you can see, its not too late to get in on the July challenges and in exchange, you will earn some great rewards! Happy Scrappin!


twoboyz00 said...

LOL about the ironing! I don't like it much either (of course, I don't like any kind of cleaning, LOL). Great layouts today!

Meisie said...

Fortunately I'm able to avoid most ironing...but I feel for you! Super blog post Debbie!!