Friday, July 24, 2009

Internet Woes

I had major plans of getting so much scrapping done this week but just as I began to download my kits on Monday afternoon, our internet connection was lost. We waited for several hours and then I told my husband that I heard the large tractors mowing up on the main highway, and perhaps he should go check things out. Sure enough, they had mowed over the phone sub-station which served this entire area. Wires and metal were strewn everywhere and evidently, he did not even care and did not report it. We reported it and waited. Finally on Wednesday, my DH went out to see if they were working on it; he said it looked like it was fixed but we still had no service. Wednesday night, he went up to his nephew's house and theirs had been fixed since Tuesday! So we called again. When they finally came on Thursday, we asked them why everyone else's had been fixed on Tuesday and ours and his sister's had not, they said ours had not been reported as being out-of-order!!!

Now remember, we were the ones who had intially reported the incident to ATT but because we had not specifically given them our phone numbers, they did nothing! The repairman laughed and said that he knew our service was out as was everybody's in the area but it was ATT's policy "If they don't call, then it ain't broke". Not only did we have to suffer inconvenience from the idiot who mowed over this four feet tall sub-station but then we were further inconvenienced by the idiots at ATT!!! I am reminded of the song I heard on the radio the other day, "God is great, beer is good and people are crazy!" Even though I don't like beer, I so agree with the sentiments!

To top it all, it has been raining all week too so we did not get a lot done outside either but Hubby did get the garage cleaned out and in spite of my little bout of depression due to internet being out, I did get a little scrapping done!

Recently, I was fortunate enough to have been given a lovely RAK, ELEGANT DUSK by Wyld Web Designs from GingerScraps Designs. I love the blue-green colors and with the grays, I thought it made for a beautiful page for my DH' photos rocking our Grandson. Pap loved to sing and rock Isaac to sleep when he stayed all night with us. My heart would just melt watching how tender and loving he could be with the babies.

Thank you so much for the wonderful RAK Charmaine!!! You can check out all her lovely products at GingerScraps, and visit her blog A Funny Thing Happened Today for some wonderful inspiration!! You may even find a freebie or two as well!!

Happy scrappin!


twoboyz00 said...

That's just crazy about the phone people! Glad you're up and running again. Beautiful layouts!

Charmaine of Wyld Web Designs said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out! Your pages are gorgeous, I appreciate you linking me up so I could see! *hugs*