Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Recently I received an email asking me to sell quick pages from my previously posted Splash layouts. I would just like to remind every one,

According to the TOU of most designers...selling QPs would not be possible as this is considered to be pirating;
You maY use and incorporate the Content in scrapbooking layouts you create for others, whether or not you make a profit, provided that the layouts are provided to the client as a flattened, un-editable form either electronic or printed. You may not provide the editable pieces of the kit or quickpages without photos to anyone else under any circumstances.

However, I do SCRAP4HIRE which means I would create flattened layouts for you with your photos which are suitable for printing or framing. Just contact me at for more information

To change the subject a bit....I scanned in about 400 photos yesterday from Mama's photos. These were from some bragbooks we found from 1996 and 1997, mostly Christmas I have a bin filled with her photos stuck back in the closet...I keep putting that off but hopefully I will start on them soon!

I also got my house cleaned up pretty good this weekend...including washing walls and everything!!! I wish we did not smoke so it would stay clean!!! I suggested that maybe we stop smoking in the house but that did not go over. However, he cleaned out the car, and washed and waxed it and now he does not smoke in the car anymore! (I never smoked that much in the car anyway) How come when he has to clean he aims to keep it that way as long as possible but the same does not go for what I clean, lol!

I really need to start taking pictures of moments like this for it would make great scrapping pages! Our camera is so poor that we never get it out much anymore...I am going to have to change that!!!

Yesterday, I scrapped several pages with the new kit Rina Kroes will release at Scrapbook-Elements on Sunday and let me tell you, you will love this kit so keep your eyes posted at the SBE store and don't forget to come back and check here...there may be a pretty little freebie for you!

Today, I completed a couple of fun challenges at Scrapbookgraphics. I attempted to make a comic-type layout for the Frameworthy Challenge using the Eat Your Veggies Kit by Kimberly Stewart and her Tooty Fruity Alphas-the Brights My SIL had all her teeth surgically removed. The pictures she sent me were evidence of how incredibly swollen her lips and entire face were but she said she felt so much better for she had suffered with pain from her teeth for years due to the radiation from her thyroid cancer. I used several techniques from my software on the photos in my attempt to make them look a little bit like a comic book, as we can now laugh together at how miserable she really did look that day, lol.

I also completed the Lovely Miss Kait's, I Can Scraplift That Challenge in which we lift the POTW, Dani Vignoli's Alegria. I used Into The Twilight by Studio Flergs with the Sophie font.

I was talking to her Mommy on the phone one night when Erynn (My Granddaughter) got on the phone crying with a loose tooth. I suggested that she eat an apple but she would not
cause it hurt when she tried. I told her to tie a string to the tooth and then tie the other end to a door knob and slam the door, and the tooth would come out but again she cried, "No! It will hurt!" However, when Daddy got home from Virginia the next day, she let him do just that! A few days later, he had to repeat the process for the other front tooth!

(A full list of all credits can be seen in the gallery descriptions by clicking on the images)

Well, thats it for me today! I hope you have a great week and Happy Scrappin!

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