Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sneaky Peek!

Before I give you a little sneaky peek at some of the gorgeous goodies Rina will release in the SBE store tomorrow, I just wanted to share what we have been up to here in the holler...

I put up about 300 ears of corn yesterday!!! I am so tired for I was up most all the night doing it, and then cleaning up the mess, WHEW! but it will be worth it. I want to say how good it will taste this winter but it will never last till winter for DH loves corn, lol. I think he is going after more today. He paid 3.50 a dozen for it yesterday but found another guy that sells it for 3.00 a dozen, so I think he wants to go get more. Most of it is cut off (my hands are so sore from that darn cutting and scraping) but I did put a few ears of corn-on-cob as well, as it so much easier to do that

And, I finally got to get my Isaac fix! Gary surprised me and went and picked him up...he stayed all night only one night this time ...he was missing Mommy and Daddy and Sissie Ava so we had to take him home. He is getting really clingy towards them of late. I don't know if it is because he has gotten out of the habit of coming down here as they have been so busy this summer, or if it is the fact that he will be starting preschool on the 17th as, he does not seem as excited about that as he used to me. Personally, I would rather him stay home and not start school yet but that is a decision his Mommy has made, and I know school is good for him....its just that they have to start early enough and I want him to stay my baby for as long as possible...That is selfish I know so I have not conveyed my feelings to them for it is none-of-my-business....See, I really do my best not to me a Bad MIL or Granny and butt into my kids did not think I could do that did you? LOL

I still have not seen or heard from Michael (my oldest son) and his family. It has been months since they have visited....yes, Mom is keeping track Michael... but perhaps tomorrow will be the day!

We planted four crepe myrtles in front of the driveway, and my good buddy Denise (aka wererich) is sharing her tulip bulbs with me to plant this fall. I also received a generous little helping of poppy seeds from Lisa (aka scoobie81). This ole holler will be blooming next year and as I enjoy them, the pleasure will be even deeper as I think of my good friends who shared with me...I will have my own little Friendship Garden!

Now what you have been waiting on...Sunday is NEW RELEASE day at Scrapbook-Elements, and it promises to have the virtual shelves loaded!!! Rina is releasing lots of new "Gorgeousness" and here are just a couple of product sneaky peeks using some of my layouts.
And don't forget New Releases are on sale Sunday and Monday only!

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Scrappin!

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