Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm still here!

Sorry I have been slacking on my blog postings! Besides having a round with that infamous H1N1 flu virus, I have been scrapping as much as possible when I feel up to it...trying to get all those Christmas gifts finished! I only need one more 12x12 album (20 pgs ea) and three more Brag books (24 pgs ea) to complete and I will have all 34 Christmas gifts done for Gary's family. Plus I have two Bragbooks completed, printed, and in the album with 100 pgs in each one for Adam and Steven (my step-sons). I have been trying to win albums on EBay for my Christmas gifts, and I have won some really cute ones for the 4x6 pics but I have not succeeded in getting any for the large albums yet. Fortunately, if I do not run into any good deals in stores around...there is a pretty good Buy-It-Now Supplier on Ebay that I can use.

When I complete the Phelps gifts then I have to start on my side of the family! WHEW! I have even made that list out yet for fear I will quit thinking it is an impossible task to finish, lol! However, with all my creations throughout the past year, I should have a pretty good head-start on these!

I just finished a most beautiful 24 page Brag Book for my Grandson's Christmas gift using A Night To Remember Collection by Rina Kroes! Rina's "A Night To Remember" collection combines a touch of mystery and romance mixed in with a sprinkle of light-hearted vivaciousness. This set is colorful and playful without being cutesy; dark and mysterious without being frightening. It is a fun and eclectic mix of traditional Halloween colors with the excitement of dressing up in luxurious fantasy costumes; a combination of youthful exuberance and Gothic drama - ideal for parties, masquerades, trick-or-treating and other celebrations. The Page Kit, Stacked Papers and Frame Clusters are available now in the SBE store (just click on the above images) and more from this fabulous collection will be released tomorrow!

Now for updates from my family...My youngest son, Matthew is the fortunate one in the family! I received a phone call from him last night and he is sitting in Honolulu, Hawaii! He will be working there for two weeks but says he will have the weekends off and plans on doing as much sight-seeing as possible. Unfortunately, they could not afford for Noey and the kids to go with him on this trip. They were supposed to come down and spend the weekend with me but she started a new job on Friday night as a waitress at the local coffee shop...trying to earn a little extra Christmas cash I'm sure!

Carolyn (the wife of my oldest son) called this week to let me know Lil Nicky as the Swine flu now as well. I do believe, my brother is the one who brought this nasty little visitor to us, darn him! He was here for his birthday party a couple of weeks ago straight from his Florida Disney vacation and he was so sick. At the time he thought he only had a cold but I believe it was more than that for since then Granddaughter Haylee, Grandson Nickolas and Bridges have all been to doctor and have confirmed cases of H1N1. Gary and I have not been to doctor but we have the same symptoms. We have just been taking Alka Seltzer Cold Plus and he is about over his. I always have a hard time with upper respiratory infections os his ex-wife brought me over some anti-biotics so maybe I will get to feeling better this week.

Make sure to come back tomorrow for I have a little surprise for you PLUS Rina and Kimmi are releasing a new Collab Kit that you will not want to miss!!

Happy Scrappin!

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