Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I guess I have been married to my hubby for too long for the things that used to bug me the most about him...well, lets just say I am more clearly seeing where he comes from, lol! Take for example, birthdays. He says, birthdays are not really special, they are just another day if one is fortunate enough to be alive. Now I have never had the pleasure of throwing big elaborate parties for my loved ones but I have always tried to make birthdays special in some way. My kids always got a few gifts and family members would join us for a special birthday cake and ice cream. On my own birthday, I did not always have a birthday cake but My Mother and my children would always make the day as special as they could, and my brother Don ALWAYS got me a gift...the last few years, it was often the only gift I received, lol. I guess it is the beginning of a new era for this year, I received no present from Don, and I really did not mind..ok. Let me be completely honest. It did hurt a tiny bit, lol. And my feelings were hurt just the tiniest bit that Matthew did not come down, and I did not even get a phone call from Isaac or from Nicholas wishing me a Happy Birthday BUT

My oldest son Michael, whom I seldom get to see any more, called me on Saturday night before my birthday, and said "Mom, don't you have a birthday coming up in the next few days?" "Yes", I said. "Are you going to come down? I asked. "Well" he said, "I have been wanting to go see the new Rob Zombie Halloween movie, and Carolyn doesn't like scary movies....Will you go with me?" I was thrilled!!! It was our very first date! He came down early, Gary cooked us a steak and baked potato for supper, and then on Halloween night, Michael and I drove to Bowling Green and saw the new Halloween movie! It was a lovely night and I so enjoyed the time alone with my son! It was the first time I had been in a movie theater since we took the kids to see Santa Clause The Movie back in the 80s! It was a night I will never forget, and perhaps it is a new birthday tradition for us!

Tuesday, the 3rd was my actual birthday. Gary cooked me a very nice dinner: steak and shrimp, baked potato and salad. Matthew called to wish me a birthday, and I received a ton of emails and well wishes from my on-line friends in the scrapping community. Thank you so much to all of you!!! You always make me feel so special and I really do appreciate it!

I checked the mailbox to see if there was a card from my son Nicholas, or from my brother Don. There was not but that's ok for I know they have very busy lives, and they know as long as they are well and happy, then I am happy. And I am very grateful that the Lord has blessed me so that I was able to celebrate another wonderful year in this game we called life!

Happy Scrappin!

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nf said...

I have been following your blog for a few months, what can I say I'm a nosy person, but I like blogs that tell family stories along with there scrapbook freebies and products. I just wanted to wish you a belated birthday.