Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I just wanted to let every one know what is going on as I have been MIA...sickness, babysitting and very sick BIL.  All the kids have been sick and we have been babysitting.  Noelle started work so between her two sick ones and Haylee, we have been busy.  Noelle took Isaac and Ava back to Dr again today.  They have started another round of antibiotics and allergy medication so hopefully they will fell well in a day or two.  

Gary's oldest sister Willodean is preparing to say good bye to her life-long partner and  beloved husband.  Chester has lung disease caused by materials he worked with in the sewing factory fifty years ago.  He has been in and out of hospital for the past year.  When he went home this time, they called in Hospice and do not think he will last much longer.  It is all so sad even though we know this is a fact of the circle of life, and no matter how much you prepare, it is never easy.  I feel so sorry for them.  She is so sad to watch but in her usual style she keeps the smiles and strength going for her beloved Chester and determined to make the holidays as bright as possible for him.

Here at home, I HAVE to get my house cleaned up and start getting ready for Thanksgiving!  Thursday, we will go to my brothers and Saturday every one will be here as all the DILs have their own mothers and grandmothers, for Thursday and Friday.  I do not mind having ours last for I want everyone to be able to sit and enjoy the day when they come here, so we wait till last for selfish reasons...I get them all to myself for the entire day!

I just uploaded the last of my brag books and two books and have them on their way.  We totaled up last night and we have spent almost $350.00 on photos and albums for this Christmas.  What started out to me cheap, did not end up that way. But I am proud of it all and know they will be well received.  Now we need to get the Grandkids' gifts and we will be done but in our usual fashion, we will have to wait for another couple of weeks before we can get them, lol!  I had bought several things this past year but always end up giving it to the kids rather than saving them for Christmas. Anyway, I kind of like being in the stores the week before Christmas!

Kimberly has been busy as well!  She has three new kits, complete with Quick Page Albums! 

 And Rina's Boyhood Tales is featured as the CICI until 11/30/2009!  
Boyhood Tales is 30% off for the duration of the exchange too!  This is a great kit and we can get lots of wonderful quick pages for joining in!
So check out the CICI HERE 

Happy Scrappin!!!

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