Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Day After!

I hope every one enjoyed a wonderful day close to their family and loved ones yesterday!  We had a great day here yesterday with all of the kids ( except for Nick and his family) and my brother spending the day with lots of food, lots of gits and lots of fun!  Nicholas joined us via telephone for a while.  The only bad news of the day was to learn he has to leave yet once again to Iraq in February.  This will make his fourth time to the Middle East since 911...when will it ever be over...I guess with two in the military, I just might as well get used to it as Michael will probably have to go back in 2010 as well.

Anyway, the day was good and as soon as everyone left, I went to bed and crashed until five this morning.  That is the longest I have slept in one stretch in months.  Now today is for the cleanup as I did nothing before I went to bed, lol.  Hopefully I can talk Matt and Noelle back over today to help eat some of this food!  Every year I say I am not going to cook as much, and every year there seems to be more!  Several desserts were not even touched, if you can believe that!

All of my brag books, albums and photo books were well received and I am all ready planning for next year as Gary wants to have photo books for every one...he loved them.   Gary wants to make big photo books next year with 100 pages!  Easy for him to say, huh, lol!

I will try to post some pictures soon.  I have not even looked at them yet but I conned my Grandson Nick into being my photographer this year so I can't wait to see them!
Happy Scrappin!

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Meisie said...

Cool! Maybe we'll have some 'granny' pics for the books this year? LOL...happy day after Christmas to ya!