Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A New Look for the New Year

I may be unable to have access to the computer for a day or two as my own personal PC Doctor, my dear Hubby installs my new hard drive but I wanted to get the Christmas decorations packed up from my blog.  How do you like the new look?  I used the Peace kit from Studio Rosey Posey for my new look.
 I chose this kit for the beginning of this new decade for a variety of reasons.  I love the colors and the wintry feel of it but most importantly, as my DS#2 prepares to leave his family for Iraq, yet once again, it is Peace that we all hope and pray for.  God bless our soldiers and their families is my steadfast prayer.
I know that many of you do not like music playing on blogs but as Nicholas has been an Elvis fan since he was a small child, twenty of our favorite Elvis songs will be playing here for Nicholas.  They will be hear for you to listen to until you come home son.  We love you, Nicholas!


Tammy Dunlap said...

Blog looks wonderful!!!

Meisie said...

Love the new look! Hugs to you and the family as he heads out yet again!

ps - loving Elvis' "Love me Tender"

Scoobie81 (Lisa) said...

This is such a gorgeous kit and you've done up your blog beautifully, Debbie! I know you will miss Nicholas terribly! Many prayers for his safe and timely return!!!

Lynnelise said...

This is my first visit to your blog - and I'm lovin' the decor!! Looks very wintry and peaceful like very deep, fluffy new snow. Prayers for God's protection on your family - especially your son during the new year!