Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Use It or Lose It!

Mission Accomplished!  Or just about anyway!  With tons and tons of digital kits, embellishments, templates, etc. etc. etc.  I had so much that I would never use just sitting on my computer!  All year long I have went through and deleted but it so hard to delete something that you paid good money for...even it was five years ago, lol!  My dear, beloved husband told me he would get me a new gigantic hard drive for Christmas if I did a complete cleaning and threw out a lot of S*** (His words). Well, I did it!!!  I now only have 333 GB of digital supplies on my computer!!!!  And I am still deleting things from that!!!  My new big hard drive was ordered and should arrive today!

My New Years Resolution is to purchase or download only that which I dearly, dearly love!  If I stop buying every little thing just because it is on sale....I might actually afford to buy some of the things I REALLY do want at full price.  For instance, there are several Lorie Davison Collections at SBG that I have wanted all year...and I would love to have more from Microferk. Now I may be able to get some!   And just because a challenge gives you a bonus or gift...that does not mean I have to take it.  I had tons of things that I had downloaded that I did not even like....I am not going to do that any more!  

I am also going to cut back on my scrapping this year.  We ordered several books for gifts this year and hubby loved them!  He wants a BIG one fixed for all of his brothers and sisters, and of course, I want the same for my brothers.  If I do not intend to use a layout in an album or have it printed some way...then I ain't going to do it!  I threw away hundreds of layouts I had made over the years.  No more stuff just sitting there on my pc....just like I do in my home and in my closet...Use It or Loose It  is my new motto for 2010!!!!


Denise said...

I am so right there with you. But you've done really well. I have 137 GB of stuff right now (just checked for you). That does NOT include what have on DVD. Maybe I should whittle mine down too. I've started buying only if I know I'll use it, no matter how gorgeous it is! So hard, so hard, SO HARD. I can't pass up gorgeous freebies!

Love your blog!

Meisie said...

WTG Debbie! Nothing like moving dust bunnies and friends they digital or 'real'!

Anonymous said...

Who needs to wait until spring to do some cleaning. I hope that you can get the kits you want! I'm curbing my buying appetite also. Now, to curb the food too.