Friday, January 15, 2010

The Journey Begins

My digital scrapbooking journey I spoke of in the previous post has begun!  I have hundreds of heritage pages I have created over the years but many of them are not "good enough" to include in my photo book so I began my journey by browsing through my hard drive.  My hubby gave me a huge new hard drive for Christmas so most of digi-collection was deleted as I did my pc clean-up. Yep!  Believe it or not, I sent many kits and elements to the trash as well as many of the old pages I had created over the years.  There are a few pages I created that I still dearly love so I plan on redoing them, or at least updating them.  Here is an example...

The original layout and credits were posted in the Scrap Artist gallery in April of 2008.
Click HERE if you would like to check it out.

a portion of the Newspaper Article about my family reads:
"The Kiper family was among the first pioneers of Grayson County. George Frederick Kiper, a Private in the Revolutionary War, was stationed at Fort Pitt, then Yohogania County, Virginia, now Pittsburg Pa, in 1777 and 1778. With his wife, Elizabeth, and four children, they were planning to migrate to Kaintuck, then part of Virginia. While still in the service, George Frederick as killed by the Indians in October of 1778 as their migration began. Elizabeth was scalped in the same attack but lived. Wearing a turban type head covering, she came to Kentucky with her children, Henry, Frederick and Jacob; the fourth child is not identified."

I want to include family history and stories as much as possible in my photo book so I was so proud to have saved this old newspaper article!  I freshened my page up just a bit for my photo book using Berry Sweet Clusters and Berry Sweet Mini Kit from Rosey Posey Studio {those products are not currently available). To ensure all my pretties would be included when I printed the page, I used the Artscow Templates from Studio Wendy.  Having some books created for Christmas gifts this year and seeing some of my journaling cut off when the page was printed, I plan on using this great tool for all my pages I create in the future!

I want to include double-pages for most of my photo book so to further tie the new page to the old, I created my background using papers from True Beauty by Studio Rosey Posey along with her Berry Sweet Mini Kit.  My brothers call this, our "Brady Bunch" photo but I love it as it is the ONLY family photo we ever had taken.

I also have some great  history to include in my photo book on the first Kentucky pioneers of the Phelps family that I found on the internet while doing my genealogical research!  Originally, I thought William Phelps was only kin to my husband being his 5th Great Grandfather in five different ways.  I have since learned that he is my 6th Great Grandfather in two ways, and he is also a 6th Great Grandfather of my ex-husband!  All this means my three sons, and my husband's two sons are not only step-brothers but they are 7th and 8th cousins in 17 ways!  It sounds like a Springer show doesn't it?  Darn all those kissin' cousins!

For those two pages I used the fantastic kit A Pioneer Story by Lorie Davison...loooove it!
So much to do and so little time to do it in so I'm off again...
Happy Scrappin!

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