Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Heritage Pages

With all the devasting effects of the forces of nature that 2010 has brought to this ole world so far, I hope this post  finds you, my friends, safe, well and happy.  We are fine here in the holler.  Just like two ole bears, we have been hibernating waiting for the arrival of spring.  I feel it is just around the corner!

I did finally manage to get all my Christmas decorations taken down and packed away, and have been doing the winter cleaning: of washing down walls, cleaning out closets, etc.  Mostly, we have been sleeping by day and watching Gunsmokes by night.  My hubby is an avid fan of the old televisions show Gunsmoke and he has over 300 episodes recorded on dvd.  By the time spring gets here, I dare say we will have watched them all as we are up to episode 191 now.  I swear my house was beginning to smell like the ole saloons and stables, hence, my house cleaning!

This evening, I think we will venture out into the world and visit my brothers and perhaps go out to dinner but I did want to show you two more heritage pages I got done for my album this week using images I found on the internet when I fist begin my ancestral search.   I used products available at Scrapbook Graphics:
A Pioneers Story by Lorie Davison  and the Images of Tradition Collection by the Studio Girls

For a full list of credits you could visit one of the galleries below and please leave me a little commentso I know you were there!  Thanks!

Happy Scrappin!


Meisie said...

These are lovely Debbie! LOL at your house smelling like a I'm sure it smells nice and fresh...ready for spring!

Pssequimages said...

I just love the new blogwear, Debbie--AND WOW, are these heritage pages wonderful.