Friday, March 26, 2010

Its Finally Friday!

Its finally Friday and the upcoming week-end promises  to be gorgeous so I hope to get out of the house and go pick bouquets of daffodils!  I think they are my favorite spring flower!  The Kentucky Wildcats won again last night!!  I really feel they are going to win the whole shebang this year!  I hope so-those boys are just amazing!

When I jumped on the scales this morning I was thrilled to find I have lost a total of eight pounds in two weeks! That makes me thankful that I was strong enough not to give in to the temptation of sneaking a candy bar when the DH sent me to the store yesterday for coffee filters!  I really was becoming discouraged for I can not really tell I have lost any weight yet when I put on my jeans, and I am really missing my sweet treats and sandwiches but I must admit that each day is becoming a little easier to do the right thing.  I just have to face the fact that I have packed on a lot of extra weight the past few years and it will take time to lose it!

Today I would like to share with you a couple of new places I have found this week.  Sister Muse Denise aka wererich pointed the way to a fun new digi-scrapping site,  My Life & Scrap.  They have lots of challenges with an open gallery so I intend to pop in and out there frequently in the future!  Their blinkie has been added to "My Galleries" to the left on my blog; click on it any time you want to check out what I am doing over there, and be sure to check out the forums as well!

I found a neat, neat place to satisfy my urge when I go freebie hunting:  Digital Daisy's Hand Picked Freebies.  Christie aka Digital Daisy finds some wonderful things to inspire and keep one scrappin' .  Her blinkie has been added to the left under the Freebie title.  Most all my blinkies over there are clickable and will take you right to the corresponding sites!

My blog "Notes From The Holler" was added to Hummie's  DigiScrapping Blogroll!  I think her blog roll is a great tool for just about any one you want to find is there so I have added it to the left of my blog  as well.  Scroll through it to find some real treasures!

That's it for now but I have several things I hope to get done today so I may come back and blog again today... if not, I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend!

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cathy said...

I'm glad I found your blog! I used to live in Frankfort and miss Kentucky so much! At least I get to visit with my son who still lives there. and how bout them Wildcats!! Go Big Blue!!!!!