Thursday, March 11, 2010


I have really been trying to make my blog a place where I can spotlight a few of my scrapbook layouts while spotlighting some gorgeous designers' kits or digital challenges and at the same time keeping my family updated on whats going on here in the holler.  As I have been doing my spring cleaning, I have changed and rearranged in an attempt to also keep all a little better organized.  For example, on the left, I added the "Search" bar at the top as well as  the "LABELS" widget to help one find something specific more easily.  For instance, the freebie hunters can click on the freebie label and all the freebies currently available on my blog will pop up.  I have updated all my posts, so previous freebies no longer available will not pop up. 

Recently, I started having a few photo books printed for gifts, and I know I will be creating more of these this year so most of my layouts are created with this in mind.  I primarily use the Artscow Templates from Studio Wendy  @SBG so that my creations are in the printing "safe zone", and I find the Artscow Photo Books most affordable as they send out coupons very regularly.  Currently, I have four or five different books started that I will continue to work on during the year;  "The Book About Me" was mentioned in the previous posting.  I will also feature one of my books in a slideshow on my blog throughout the year.  The BELOVED Wedding Album I am working on for my niece is at the top of my blog now.  It is a big project, as I hope to have about 100 pages in it when finished.

I removed the music from my blog for it seems the majority of people do not like blog music.  I have also had a few requests to remove blinkies but I like my blinkies so they are staying but I did trim them down for you so you see, I am willing to compromise, lol.  I have several different Blog Rolls so you should be able to find any digi-scrapping blog you are looking for.  A new segment is the "Hidden Treasures" - a few special blogs or shops that I have discovered which I wanted to share with you, and if you are a FontOHolic as I am there is a segment for them as well.  As we all know, there is always going to be someone, who finds something to complain about but I do hope you find your visit with me, for the most part, enjoyable.

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Carole N. said...

I was so glad to read this post about Artscow. I have been trying to decide whether to have my layouts printed in a book or print them myself. This was very helpful and so appreciated.
Thanks so much for sharing the info. I am going to check out the templates by Wendy, too.
Big Hugs!

PS. Your blog looks terrific. I am going to sign up for the newsletter updates so I don't miss anything.
Hugs....again. LOL