Saturday, April 24, 2010

Update for the Week

My sickness this past week was some kind of bug passed on to me through the sweet generosity of Isaac and Ava, lol.  They have all had one form or the other of the same ailments amongst their family.  Friday I was feeling a little better so knowing Isaac was out of school on Fridays, I went up to their house and took Isaac and Ava, and their Mommie out for a burger and fries (yes, I went off my diet for that-don't tell Gary).  We stopped by the high school and bought some some plants from their ag class.  Isaac and Ava had a ball choosing their flowers!  Took them home and played with them for a while before I came home and worked in my flower garden.  It was 84 degrees here and I was sweating like a hog in my long sleeved shirt and blue jeans!  I spent several hours just relaxing in my porch swing and watching the turkeys come in for their evening stroll before I showered.  Some time during the night, I started coughing and sneezing and today I have a full-blown cold!. I guess I did too much on Friday, or got too hot.  Anyway, April has not been too kind to me as I have stayed sick with one thing or another!  Hubby braved the rain we are getting today and went to the Dollar Store and got me some Alka-Seltzer Cold Plus so I can try to well before I start my new census job on Tuesday.

Knowing I won't have a lot of extra time next week with my new job training, I have scrapped like a mad-woman this week trying to get all my Muse CT requirements ready for the next two weeks, and I still am not finished!  That ought to be a little hint to let you know lots of new things will be coming out in the next two weeks from Kimmi and Rina, so start counting your pennies, lol!  Plus, I still have to finish some projects for ScrappinDigiKreations, as well!  Whew!!!  I love crunch-time like this!!!

Anyway, between my new job and the Derby Party we will be having here in the holler next weekend, I may not be around much so I wish you a great week, and I hope you have a wonderful time during the upcoming NSD!

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