Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome Miss Elizabeth Faith

My family continues to grow!  We have a new addition!  Miss Elizabeth Faith was born on Saturday, April 17th, 2010.  My hubby, who has always delighted in the fact that I am a little older than he is, does not really like the fact that he is getting old right along with me as he is a Great Great Uncle once again!  Congratulations to Elizabeth's family!  She is a lucky little girl for I know she will be your Precious Princess forever!!

For the page below with my first new pics, Elizabeth's Great Grandmother (my SIL) sent me, I used the Soft Spring Awakening Kit from Pixelfairy at SDK.  Its is such a sweet kit and perfect for the precious photos!

On that same Saturday afternoon, we went to a baby shower for another wee one we are expecting soon.  My nephew Dale and his lovely wife Kylie are expecting their first child, a son in just a few weeks!  Grandchildren Isaac and Ava went with Pap and I and they had such a wonderful time.  Afterward, we went Captain D's for some fish with my twin brothers.  Isaac ate every little bit of his food in a very short span of time but Ava was a little more picky and was not going to eat.  It was a rather funny situation and my brothers stated what I have often said, "She may look like her Mama but she acts just like her Daddy!"  They did finally get her to eat most all of her food, and it only cost them three quarters so she could get bubble gum and a ball out of the vending machines in the lobby, lol.

Did you guys see the country music awards show on television last night?  If you are a fan of country music as we are, I am sure you loved it, and how bout that little Kentucky gal, Laura Bell Bundy!  Brittney Spears better watch out!  I made a whole list of beautiful songs that will inspire some wonderful scrapbook pages in the future.  Now if I can just get the kids to send me some new pics!

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Meisie said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful!!