Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I just wanted to drop in to say hello and let you guys know that I am alive.  I will probably remain somewhat absent for the rest of this week and probably next.  I have started my census job, and with the 8/9 hours daily grind of driving and doing that job, and my sinus infection or whatever it is (yes, I am still a little puny) I am just too pooped to scrap when I get home.  Sunday night was the first night that I actually slept all night in weeks and now here tonight I woke up at 12:30 coughing my head off again.  I think it is sinus affection because my ears are all stopped up still and now, the only time I get these coughing spells is when I lay down. 

I like the census job (it started last week) and although there is definitely nothing hard about it, I find that I am pooped when I get home...combination of getting back into the routine of working in public again, and the stop and go driving all day long. It even has aggravated an old injury I received in my shoulder years ago at the factory and it is just aching now.  I am sure I will get use to all of this soon and then I will feel like scrapping in the evening..I hope so anyway, lol.

With  the record rains we had this past weekend in South-Central Kentucky, our big Derby Bash we had planned for Saturday was canceled so we are trying to have the get-together this Saturday, and then next Saturday is the clean-up day at the Phelps Family Cemetery  so don't worry about me if you don't hear anything out of for me for the next week or two - I'll be back, as Arnold says, lol!

Update on the shingles as well...can you believe after a month, I still have a few scabs left  But most all the pain and the itching from them is gone.  That is one illness that I pray I never have to go through again, let me tell ya - lol


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