Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Its  Tuesday and my hubby has been waiting for this day for some time now.  He  left out bright and early this morning to go pick up his friend so they could keep their appointment  with the CB repair specialist in Louisville whom is going to solve all their CB ailments!  My DH will be so happy to have his Bull Creek Sub-Station back running up to par.  Here are a few photos of his antenna and tower here behind the house.
He is so proud of that big tower!

I can't help but laugh when I think of the hours and hours he spends sitting back in his throne, the big leather desk chair sitting at the end of the kitchen table.   With his feet propped up AAAAUUDIO-ing to the world, he is the Master of the Universe...his universe any way, lol.  I do get  aggravated with his "little hobby"  for sometimes for it can seem that his CB-Land is the only world he cares about but I know that is not the case. He likes to talk, plain and simple!!  Via the CB-radio,  he joined a social network which has allowed people from all-over the world to communicate with each other long before facebook came about, and it has become his primary form of entertainment.  Just as millions of  viewers turn on the television as a means of gathering news and information pertaining to their life or to "watch" their favorite stars and shows, it is the same principle in CB-Land.  However, you become an active participant rather than simply watching for once you key-down that mike and speak, you become a part of the show.

One begins by wishing those listening  a warm greeting.  Conversations progress and develop, and before you know it, you consider  people who go by  names such as All-Mighty, Stormy, Rooster, Jungle Boy, Slim-Dog, Caveman, Monkey-Wrench,  Bomber and Stranger as your friends.   Through this form of regular contact, one listens to what ever it is another chooses to talk about. One can listen as another complains about the high price of medical care in America while another states their opinions as to the cause and others state how they believe the problem can be eradicated..  On the radio, you can participate in any conversation as much or as little as  you choose but once you speak, like it or not, you become an individual in a more complex structure, and you better have thick-skin!

Members become more closely connected  through the channels they participate on with more specific types of interdependency developing.  Regions, friendship, kinship, common interest, dislike, prestige, beliefs, knowledge, abilities and dis-abilities create more complex sub-divisions within the group.  Cliques develop with the role of outcasts being defined as anyone the "Queen Bee" dislikes.  Clique members verbally victimize the outcast in order to continue their membership in the clique, and to receive praise from the queen bee or clique-leader.  Power struggles, changing interests, increasing maturity of the clique members, or members getting fed up with the antics of their queen bee can result in more division within the group.

Oh yes!  CB-Land can be very entertaining.  There are roles available for all:  Republicans, Democrats, teachers, preachers, sex-therapists, doctors, patients, lawyers, judges, clowns, fools,  lovers, fighters, warriors and peace-makers.  They are all there, each one is dependent upon the other and no topic of discussion is forbidden.   It  is a complex world which my husband loves. I love him so I venture into his world from time to time.  I like the friendships I have found there but it can be dirty, disgusting and scary.  It is sometimes hard for me when they play their warrior games.  I do not like to hear one group speak of  their hatred and contempt toward another group.  I get hurt and I often feel betrayed.  I get angry when they try to carry over their CB-role into the real world and mark any one as trash or as outcast.  We have all proven that there is not one single person any better than the other.  None are any more guilty nor any less innocent because all of us have been playing in the game.


Jessica Hayes said...

you are a very gifted writer! love all your posts

GrannyNKy said...

Thank you so much! That means a lot coming from you, friend-of-mine ;)