Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Facebook Tag

I am so glad that I gave Facebook a try once again.  I am not out to accumulate hundreds of  Facebook friends or fans as some people are rather, I am finding it is an amazing tool to reconnect with my past.  I am still leaning how to post messages,etc on Facebook but when I see the smiling faces of people I went to school with, or cousins I have not seen in thirty years or more - well it just makes my day!!!!  And when they share their pics with me...that's just awesome!  As most of you know, I have been addicted to digi-scrapping for several years now and I am always begging my kids and family for pictures to I have boo-goos available to me!

I want to scrap them all for us so I came up with a great idea.  I am going to start up my own little game of tag!  Whenever I make a scrapbook page using your photo(s), I will "tag" your photo/album on Facebook, and post the link to let you, my Facebook Freinds, know where you can find the posting.  I do have to shrink the pages for the web but if you would like a full-resolution copy of the page(s) so you can print it out, we can arrange that!  Just shoot me an email and we will work it out!   FYI, I do Scrap4Hire so if you are interested in having a unique one-of-a-kind album created for you, contact me!

As I said earlier, I have been making scrapbook pages for my family for several years, and when they send me pics, they know I will post most of them in a gallery within the digi-scrapping community somewhere.  However, there are a few who have asked me not to post their pictures on the web, so if I "tag" you and you would rather that I not use your pictures when making my scrapbook pages just let me know.  I will immediately remove it from the gallery!  I am not doing this for any type of personal gain but because there is something, somewhere, at sometime that has linked you and I together.  Perhaps I will make a heritage page for my family albums, or maybe I will recall a fun high-school memory that I want to share with my children and grandchildren...who knows what I will come up with but know that it will always come from my heart because for what ever reason, you are special to me!  See ya at Facebook!

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Deanna said...

When I first signed up on FaceBook there wasn't anyone I knew on it. A year or so went by and now it's loaded! The best thing is the pictures, I agree. I 'steal' quite a few so I can digi scrap them! Have fun!!!