Monday, September 20, 2010

Have A Great Week!

Well its Monday...the day is finally here!  Its the day before my DS #2's 31st birthday, and the day he is due to arrive back home from Afghanistan!  I know it will be some time before he can reconnect with dear ole Mom, and that is perfectly ok!  I am just happy he is home safe and sound once again, and I hope he is able to spend some time at home taking it easy and enjoying his family!  I love you Nicholas!!!!

I surprised Isaac by picking him up at school at Friday, and he spent the entire weekned with Granny and Pap.  We did absolutely nothing extra-special but we had a good time doing it!  I got tickled at him...Saturday evening he was playing on the swing in the backyard, and was going to show off to me doing some kind of big spectacular trick when in midstream, he figured it was a bit more than he was willing to attempt.  When he stopped, I started teasing him, and said. "That's ok!  Granny loved her little weanie"  He immediately responded,
"Granny, I am not your weanie!  I am your Baby!"  Gary's (Pap) brother was out there and he chuckled and told me that his little boy whom is just a few months older than Isaac does not like it when he is called a baby, and immediately corrects them lets them know he is a big boy.  Of course, at times Isaac informs he is a big boy as well but I am so thankful he is still content, most of the time, being Granny's Baby.  I am really dreading the time, and I know it is approaching much too fast, when he 'outgrows' his visits to Granny and Pap.  The children of my oldest son find it incredibly boring here in the holler when they visit so they seldom come.  Therefore, I cherish the time I spend with Isaac for I do realize the sweet moments we now share are numbered.

I wanted to show you just a few more layouts I have created using Rina's Marshmallow Collection...remember, today is the last day to get the Marshmallow Addons at their introductory price!

For a full list of credits, you can visit my SBE GALLERY
Have a great week!

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