Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Digi-Scrapping Birthplace-SBB

I discovered digital scrapbooking almost immediately after receiving my first home computer way back in 2003.  Since that time I have spent countless numbers of hours glued to my keyboard turning out thousands and thousands of scrapbook pages.  I have downloaded who knows how many kits, products and freebies, and have been forced to delete many of those as the years go by because no matter how hard I try, there is just no possible way to manage and use everything!  Many of the sites and designers I first began with have disappeared from the community but others have managed to chug right along.  Case-in-point, Scrapbook-Bytes 

My SBB profile says that I first became a member there in Aug 2005.  In fact, that is where I first discovered my all-time favorite designer Rina Kroes!  Through the years, I have bounced from site-to-site and occasionally visited Scrapbook-Bytes but I really had all-but-stopped visiting the forums there.  I used to be stuck with terrible dial-up internet service and SBB was such a popular site, I could just not get in there.  However, I recently popped into the forums once again, and I really like what I am seeing there.  Now that I have good internet service, I plan to start participating more in the SBB forum rather than just popping into the gallery to post a layout.

I noticed that I have 85 pages with a current total of 1015 layouts posted in my Scrapbook-Bytes Gallery.  I laugh when I took a look at some of my first pages!  Now with years of  digital scrapbooking experience under my belt, I still have a LONG LONG way to go before I can create the perfect scrapbook page but some of those pages, and some of the products I least I can say, I have most definitely improved!!!  I started hitting the delete button to remove some of those first pages from the gallery but some of them I really would like to keep.  I don't want to become a hoarder who thinks they have to keep every single thing but no matter how bad they are, some of those pages are still quite cute to me, lol!

I have decided that I am going to make use of one of the SBB Gallery features to create "My Albums".
If you have not discovered this feature, you really should check it out!  Not only can you create your own personal albums but there are lots of ways to edit your albums as well:  create album cover, sort your pages, and choose whether you want your album public or private.  I can see this feature being used as not only a great organizational tool for me but also by my family and friends who want to see the family pages, or my sons military albums, etc. 

I have been working on My SBB Albums for several hours today, and I have discovered this is something which is going to take me a little while to do but my intentions are to whittle down that number of 1015 GrannynKy photos and create some beautiful albums from that mish-mash of layouts!  I hope you stop by and leave me some lovin' in MY SBB GALLERY as I have hundreds of pages which have been forgotten there far too long, and because I am asking for some love, I plan on giving a little back as well.  For every time I post or edit one of my pages in the gallery, I will leave a comment or two in return!  That IS proper gallery etiquette (not sure of that spelling or word, lol)  after all!  It is about time that I get back to the basics as I become reacquainted with my digi-scrapping birthplace-SCRAPBOOK-BYTES!

Speaking of getting back-to-basics, here is another little pressie for you - with Kimberly Stewart's Whimsical Angels of Love  ENJOY!


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