Thursday, November 18, 2010

Forget Me Not

Today I was feeling a little seems that feeling always creeps up on me this time of the year.  November was always a special month for me with my birthday, my Mother's birthday, my Grandmother's birthday, and my parents wedding anniversary but they are all gone now, and I do miss them terribly.  And then the holidays are coming.  As I start making plans for our Thanksgiving, I look forward to the times I gather with my family but I still do miss the holidays at Mama's.  My middle son, Nicholas has not spent a holiday with us since he joined the NAVY in 1999. I know he is happy and does his best to make the holidays special for his own family.  Many miles physically separate us but  his brothers and I feel he is with us in spirit.

Then comes Christmas...I do not even want to think of that....needless to say, I am not ready for it but like death and taxes, it will come.  I am not going to stress about it this year though.  We won't spend much money on presents this year; you can't spend what you don't have but that really is ok with me!!  I am not going to stress the small things for we have so much more!  I am just so grateful that the Lord has blessed my family so richly and even though we will not gather around a brightly decorated tree singing Christmas carols as they do in the movies I love to watch, my family and I  will be safe and warm with full bellies as we unite in spirit, in joy and in love.  My sons have grown into such fine young men in whom I am so proud of.  Thank you, Jesus for your many blessings!

Today, I played with one of my new DSD purchases:  FORGET ME NOT by Studio Rosey Posey.
"I love the combination of all the blues, turquoises and little flowers with the vintage feel of the papers."

For a full list of all the credits, see my DST GALLERY HERE  
Check the Rosey Posey Studio at Scrapbookgraphics for many beautiful digital scrapbooking supplies
HUGZ to you all!

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