Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gentle Comfort by Rina Kroes

The snow continues to fall outside and that is fine by me.  I don't have to get out in it; I just sit at home, safe and warm and enjoy its beauty from the livingroom window.  Still busy scrapping up a storm and trying to get all the memories floating around in my mind down on paper.  I would like to share this one with you.  I made it this morning using the Gentle Comfort Collection by Rina Kroes.  I just love the shades of coral, salmon and peach that Rina has used in this collection!

This photo of my Mother was made in 1966, and when I think of her, this is most often the image I have in my head. I was ten years old and I guess that is the first time in most young girls life when their Mother really truly is their very best friend.

 The layout is entitiled "Rituals" and journaling reads:

"I often sat on the edge of her bed
and watched Mama get ready to
got to church. She would fuss with
her hair and claim it had a mind
of its own always in direct contrast
with her own.  She would powder
her nose and paint her nails,
and as she dressed, I would
tease her about her skinny
little chicken legs, and all those
other body parts which seemed to
hang lower with each passing year.
She confidently assured me that
she had generously shared those
same genes with me... 
You just wait, she exclaimed!
In the final step of her ritual,
she lifted the top of her pretty
pink box which had always sat
atop her dresser, and select some
little trinket... a treasure of her
heart that would adorn her neck
or add a touch of shimmer to her
ears and magically, to her eyes
for they also sparkled as she studied
her reflection in the mirror.
I said, You look pretty Mama.
She would smile."

Stay safe and warm!

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Kelly & Amy said...

I love this, what a special memory. Brings tears to my eyes and I see myself in your shoes.