Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Journaling with Facebook

Journaling is often the hardest part when creating a scrapbook page.  With the vast amounts of digi-products available to us today by the talented designers, it can sometimes seem easy to put together a beautiful page with our treasured photos.  But the words we attach to a page can "MAKE" the page!  The photos we use on our heritage pages are often ancestors long gone from this world, or they can be family members we never met and have no personal knowledge of  yet, each one is special to us because they are family.

For this reason, I often use Facebook posts as inspiration for my scrapbook pages.  Each day, my facebook wall is loaded with quotes filled with motivation, inspiration, wisdom and humor.  Those words often find their way to my pages.  But nothing thrills me quite as much as to find an old family photo on FB and to use those photos with the words my friends have posted with their photos.  Case in point...

When I saw the post by my husband's cousin on FB yesterday, I was excited to have another family photo for my Phelps Ancestry Record Books but I was equally moved by the pain she was feeling in the anniversary of her beloved mother's death.
 "17 years ago today.
I lost my best friend,
my mom Adaline Johnson.
I miss you so much.
I know you are watching
from Heaven but what I
would give to have one
more day with you...."
~Ada Johnson Hixenbaugh
    September 4th, 2012
I have never met this cousin but I wanted to create a tribute for her as I share that same pain for no matter how old we are, we never get over the loss of our Mother.  Then, through divine intervention, DSP Designer, Elizabeth Weaver gifted me with her digi-scrap kit, 'FACES FROM THE PAST 1' .  I used the words from my husband's cousin post, and searched online for a poem which conveyed her same feelings, then went to work in creating a special page for Ada.  I hope it conveys to her my heartfelt wishes for the Lord to help ease her pain.

A Daughter's Promise
" I wish I could see you,
or talk to you once more.
I wish that heaven had a stairway,
I'd walk right to the door.
I can't believe you're gone,
and the pain will never end.
You were my true inspiration,
and also my best friend.
My heart is aching now,
and all I can do is cry.
Thinking in my head,
Why her, Lord? Oh, why?
Your memories will fade with time,
and they can't be replaced.
I've started to forget your voice,
and even your beautiful face.
I'll never be able to understand,
why you had to die.
but one thing is for sure,
I'll see you when it's my time."
--Ashtynn Thomasson


So with this post I send love and peace to Ada, and thank you to Elizabeth for her gifts:
FACES FROM THE PAST 1 by Elizabeth Weaver
 FADED KEEPSAKES by Elizabeth Weaver

Visit her store and check everything out here:

Until we meet again, remember, inspiration is all around us; use it to create cherished scrapbook pages for your family.

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