Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I usually love this time of year with the cooler temps and the changing of the leaves, the visits to the orchard, and working in my flower beds but this year has been so different.  I almost feel like a shut-in for I have not left the house in a couple of months except for a few times.  I have had this horrible crud in my head and chest that just will not go away.  Every time I think I am getting over it and I venture out, I back-slide and find myself worse yet again. It seems my immune system is shot, and as it has been for most all my life, everything settles in my lungs and it just takes me weeks to get better.  There has been lots of sleepless nights just sitting on the couch and watching television with a roll of toliet paper by my side to blow my nose on, and a towel stuck between my legs for the coughing fits.  I will not elaborate any further but if you are a woman over 40 then I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about!  Thank goodness for Roku and NetFlix or I really would be crazy by now.

My house is a disaster for I just do not have the strength or endurance to do any more than the bare minimum essential to that old saying, "My house is clean enough to be healthy, but dirty enough to be a home."  My hubby, whom has also suffered through a bout of this crud, has been helping quite a bit as of late.  Many nights when he gets home from work, he cooks supper for us, and for the last two days, he has been washing down a few walls.  I don't really know what has gotten into him but I sure hope it continues!  If he were to get that enormous task completed for me, then I may be able to accomplish the rest, and actually have the house looking good when the kids all come for Thanksgiving.

This week I have spent some time on the computer, and have done some basic maintenance such as backing up new digi-files, deleting old files, and defrag the ole hard-drives.  I have worked on a few scrapbook layouts as well using the autumnal-inspired kits of CathyK Designs by Cathy Krenek

Here is a versatile kit perfect for scrapping all your AUTUMN DAYS while AUTUMN DELIGHT celebrates the season. Cathy also made a wonderful kit for the Oct 2012 DigiScrapConnect Facebook Hop and you can get that kit absolutely free on her FACEBOOK FAN PAGE

I used elements from all three of these kits for the layouts below with my Uncle's old family photos.
I hope these inspire you to run on over to Cathy's store @Scrapbook-Elements and pick one or more of her digi-scrapbooking products and start scrapping your memories!

And to help get you started.....
Hit the link below to download the Autumn Quick-Page I made for you today using Cathy's kits above
Enjoy and Happy Fall!

freebie no longer available

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Deanna Anthony said...

I hope you start feeling better soon! I hate that crud that just seems to hang on and on. Aren't we so blessed to have helpful husbands? Mine does the same thing when I'm down for one reason or another. Feel better!