Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Note From The Holler

I was so frustrated with my hubby the other night for it just seems like most of the time he is not pleased with anything that I do, or even with me in general, and he never lets an occasion pass by without telling me so, and he can be brutally honest!  All of that puts me in a defensive mode, and my mouth kicks in, and the bickering begins and the only way that finishes is with one or both of us becoming mad.  And it always begins with something so small and petty, that most couples never even have a discussion with their spouse about it in the first place! Case in point...

To clean up a mess, I grabbed a dish towel that was sitting right beside me on the counter rather than walking over a tearing off a paper towel.  He did not like that at all and began lecturing to me about how much it costs HIM every time I wash a load of clothes.   In his mind, it is cheaper to buy paper towels.  

Now in the first place, I became a little irritated for I get so tired of him telling me how to do everything.  I mean, he has even fussed about the way I eat a hamburger, let alone patty it out and make it....but that is another story!  Back to the paper towels....

Secondly, I do not believe it is cheaper to use paper towels.   If he only knew how many rolls of paper towels he would have to buy a week if I did not use dish towels, right ladies?!   And always is hurtful whenever he "reminds" me that he is the one who pays for everything since I do not work outside the home. 

Well, the bickering back and forth started between us, and the next thing I knew, I was being told if I did not change my ways, I would have to go.  The "discussion" is over.  Off to bed he goes, leaving me to stew in my own tears. The next morning when he gets up, life is back to normal.  He is no longer angry with intentions of seeking a divorce lawyer, and I had a band-aid on my hurt.  I am so glad Walmart sells band-aids fairly cheap for I don't need to waste his money and I go through a lot of them here in the holler :)

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