Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wishing My Life Away

Growing up, it was always a thrill for the new Sear & Roebuck catalogs to come in the mail.  I would spend hours and hours going through the catalog, page by page, and making wish lists.  I would write down all the ordering information: product name, product #, shipping weight....everything just like I was really going to order it.   I would "order" clothes for my brothers and parents, as well as for myself.  I would wish for Daddy new tools, and furnish Mama's house in the things I knew she would love, and when the Christmas catalog came, my brothers and I would have had everything we saw on television on Saturday mornings!  I loved wishing.....I guess that is where my Daddy first noticed that I was wishing my life away!  I have heard that phrase more than once in my lifetime, and usually it held negative connotations  from him or someone else who was frustrated with me!

I can't help it; I like to wish!  Mama made most all my clothes, so about the only "real" shopping we ever did was at the grocery store.  Right before school started, we always went to Arnetts Department store for that is where she usually bought my shoes.  I liked it when my feet quit growing for then I actually could have more than one or two pairs at a time!  Occasionally, she would find some bargains at the Dollar General Store but for the most part everything at our house came from the Sears catalog, and I loved making my wish lists.  I guess that is all it took to satisfy my shopping desire for I never have much enjoyed going to Malls and window shopping as other women seem to.

Today, my husband and I live from paycheck-to-paycheck.  Don't get be wrong...we are not impoverished nor needy.  The bills are always paid and we are never hungry but still it would be nice to go to the grocery and buy what you actually wanted rather than what you can afford.  We live in a nice little two bedroom home he built for us here in the holler, and I really would not want to be anywhere else....unless he wanted to move to the lake!  LOL   And, I would not complain if I could buy a sewing machine and could actually afford to buy fabrics and craft supplies ever once-in-a-while....the point is, I guess, if there is one,  my husband has taught be very well the difference between wants and needs.  He has been a most excellent teacher in that!  He works very hard to take care of our needs, and then if there is any extra, we can get a few of those 'wants'.  For that, I am most thankful.  I really am!  But I still wish, and I don't see any harm in that, wishing is free!

I no longer write out my long lists of wishes.  I don't have to anymore thanks to DSL coming to the holler.  I can get on my computer and spend hours and hours browsing anything and everything my little heart desires!
I think that is why I enjoy my new Facebook page so much.  I post recipes I would love to cook, crafts I would love to make, home improvements I would do...everything I may do and would do if I could afford it...Grannynky's Recipes Tips & More on Facebook is my wish list.  I invite you come check it out :)

I used the Domestic Goddess Collection by Raspberry Road Designs to create my Facebook Timeline cover. (Click the above link to see in the Raspberry Road Store).  I have been using many of the Raspberry Road Designs digi-scrap kits on my Facebook page.  Come back tomorrow and Susan has generously allowed me to offer you a great freebie I made using the Domestic Goddess Kit!
Peace and Hugz :)

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