Monday, September 2, 2013


Peaches have a long growing season (late May through October), so, in most areas, we may be preparing for the crisp autumn days but we still have plenty of  time to visit an orchard and pick peaches. Depending upon the kind of peaches you select, you’ll want to eat some of them fresh, and leave other varieties for your pies and jam-making. In all, there are three different categories of peaches:
Freestone. This type of peach is very aptly named: the stone is easy to free from the peach. Freestones are usually what you see in grocery stores, and are great for fresh eating, canning, jam, baking and freezing. They’re generally bigger, sweeter and firmer than clingstones, as well as less drippy. A good all-around peach.
Semi-freestone: This type of peach’s pit tends to stick, usually on one side, so it falls somewhere between the freestone and clingstone category. A general all-purpose peach that good for eating and canning.
Clingstone. The pretty yellow peach flesh “clings” to the stone, and therefore the name. These are the earliest peaches to come in. Distinguished by their juiciness and sweet peach flavor, they lend themselves very well to jams, preserves and canning. This is the canned peach you usually see on the supermarket shelf.

I have collected several really good peach recipes, everything from jam and jellies, to pies and ice cream.  I have shared the links to some of them at Grannynky's Recipes Tips & More along with information on how to select peaches, nutritional information and how to can and freeze peaches. Click Here to visit the album.
For the album cover I used the Crisp Autumn Collection by CathyK Designs from the GingerScraps September Buffet .

The GingerScraps Buffet is an All You Can Eat .... or rather Scrap, Buffet. Each month the amazing GingerBread Ladies will be given a color palette, and they will create delicious goodies for you. You can mix and match, 'till your hearts content! Think of it like a way to totally customize a Mega Collab, "eat" as little or as much as you would like, after all..... you can indulge all day long and it never counts towards your calories for the day. hehe Every piece in the Buffet is never over $4.00!! Yep- you heard me, you can get every delectable piece of this Mix and Match Mega Buffet for under $4.00 each!
So hurry, go fill up your "plate" and feel free to come back for seconds!

See you soon!
Peace and Hugz!


Michelley D. said...

I'm loving the Crisp Autumn kit. I'm getting excited bout fall as we're moving to Michigan where everyone says that they can see the seasons changing and I'm like, ahhh. That must be amazing! :)
I'll check out the kit. I need me some pretty fall ones!
xo Michelle

GrannyNKy said...

I can not imagine the excitement you must be experiencing with the upcoming changing-of-the-seasons, Michelle. Fall colors are just so beautiful! I always wonder how one can not believe in God when they see such spectacular autumn displays, and to know he created that for our enjoyment :)