Sunday, March 1, 2015

School House Rock

Hey!  I really like the way school gives special recognition to students whom do their best work.  Back-in-the day, when I went to school...yes I did walk  to school, and yes we did not have snow days so I have walked to school before when there was deep snow BUT I always had shoes!  However, good grades were just something that was expected out of us.  No special rewards or recognitions were given but you would get special recognition if you did not make good grades for my parents would have beat me to death probably! Aww! Fortunately, I don't know that for sure because they had put "the fear" in me!  Seriously, school was just something that came pretty easily to my brothers and I.

However, I do understand that some children have more problems than do others so a little special recognition can do nothing but boost their egos, and encourage them to try harder.  I know if I had gotten the opportunity to stand in front of my classmates and receive a reward, I would have tried harder to make straight A's rather than being satisfied with A's and B's.  So I am very proud when my grandchildren do well and get special recognition for their achievements.  Now we don't reward with money or gifts but we do let them know how proud we are of them, and what does Granny do... well, she makes a scrapbook page of course! Hurray!  So let me show what I did this time but 'bout a little School House Rock to listen to while you browse...just click the following link for one of my favorites 
 Interjections Schoolhouse Rock. 

Did you notice how carefully I used interjections throughout my post today?  I did, in fact learn something from those cute little jingles!

Wow!  CathyK Designs has a Fresh Baked Collection at GingerScraps that is perfect for celebrating all kinds of victories and achievements.  Way To Go by CathyK Designs is brightly colored and has badges, ribbons, and many other elements to make some cool pages for those awesome kids! And it is all introductory priced at 30% off!  Awesome! Enjoy!
GingerScraps Gallery
GingerScraps Gallery

Oh!  I forgot to mention that Way To Go by CathyK Designs is also available at Gotta Pixel.

I will see you again soon, if the good Lord is willin' and the creek don't rise!

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